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Our DINCEL system is a fast alternative to pre-cast and block. DINCEL is the world’s first waterproof, Airtight, Crack and joint-free wall to hit the market.  

It has a variety of uses including Intertenacy Walls, Retaining Walls, Water Retention Tanks and Swimming Pools.
This product has been proven in the construction industry for a Faster, Lighter and Safer instalment reducing costs in all areas of construction with people of the likes of Trenz Homes, ASPEC , Mike Greer Homes & Housing New Zealand.

• Faster, Lighter and safer to install. 

• 100 year life, Durability – Recycling – Sustainability – ECO Friendly

• Avoids water damage, dampness, rot, fungi ,voids for vermin/bacteria growth, condensation.

• Strength for magnitude 9 earthquakes, hurricanes and cyclones.

• Superior fire / smoke properties.

• Energy saving (up to 90% less steel and 50% less cement).

• Dincel is a light weight PVC cell that has proven overall savings of 50 % + on site.

• The Recipe of the raw materials in the PVC have been re engineered so there are no heavy metals.

• The click together joints in our Dincel product is Patented and once filled with concrete it hydraulics apart in the joint and the cement slurry forms a waterproof seal.
We are gaining a lot of interest in DINCEL with experienced Architects, Engineers, Council and various other parties using our construction system.  

Dincel has 4 profiles 110mm, 155mm, 200mm, 275mm.

Dincel NZ Pool - Castor Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

Completion - 2 1/2 Weeks. 


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Below is The Dincel NZ Pool - Te Arai Point, Mangawhai, New Zealand

Completion - Still in progress. 

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Grand Designs Video Below!

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Check out the DINCEL POOL at the end of the clip! 

Dincel structures nz bondi
Above is a photograph of a feature in Grand Designs Bondi using Dincel. 



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